QIMI shipyard's luxury yacht model 126655 in rose gold is equipped with the Shanghai 3235 movement for evaluation.

Hello everyone, after the launch of the gray yacht and blue yacht, Clean Factory has introduced a new 40mm rose gold yacht with a 3235 movement. A highlight of this watch is the color of the case, which is very well done. Just like the case color of the watch worn by Louis Koo, which is currently the best. This rose gold color is more difficult to achieve than yellow gold. Yellow gold only needs the right tone adjustment to avoid significant color differences, but rose gold is more prone to color variations. For example, the rose gold yacht previously produced by AR Factory and EW Factory had a tendency to turn slightly red.

Super bright, extremely bright feeling, when you wear it, it's very dazzling, very eye-catching, but its color is not right, the real rose gold is the original rose gold color, it is a more moist rose gold, the color is not so bright, it looks particularly moist, the color will be slightly lighter, this achieves a very close level to the original, very beautiful.

First of all, let's talk about the watch case. The engraving of the precious metal on the back is done, but there have been changes in the engraving of this precious metal. Some watch enthusiasts asked how they saw it. The original engraving was all 750, without the letters AU. I don't know when the original version was changed, but I found out that the original version has both, so it should be the new model of this year. The latest batch of goods that have just been released is AU750, while the previous ones were just 750, including the gray rubber strap. The latest gray rubber strap from Factory C now has the standard AU750 engraving on it, and the buckle is also engraved with 750.

This is a question, and then everyone doesn't need to pay attention. This is something that both new and old models have. There is no difference in the dial and so on. It's just that the original handle has been modified slightly, and the material has not changed. The case and movement have not changed either.

Then let's take a look at the buckle of this watch. The color of the buckle is very glossy, as you can see under this lighting it does not exhibit a very bright feeling. This is very close to the original, but although it is made very close, this kind of shell is not real gold, so there will still be some color difference, just very close. And the inside of the buckle is also very clean. It has a quick adjustment for sliding back and forth. The polishing of the small crown on the buckle is also done.

Its tape is the same as Ditaonga's tape, with a steel piece inside, and the softness is very good, the feel is that kind of slightly muddy feeling. Then about this tape, it is matched with DF (number), if it is not long enough, you can buy another F separately, or if it is too long, you can match it with a D or E, all can be matched and bought separately. Then look at the ceramic ring on the bezel of the dial, and the bottom is a frosted texture.

Outside is a polished surface with no major issues, but one small problem is that although it is a ceramic ring hole, the original font on these inverted triangles on the edge is because it is three-dimensional, and the edges are also polished. The luminous fillings are all of that kind of frosted texture, with a very obvious frosted granular texture. The execution is correct, if it is smooth it would be incorrect. The pointers also have a certain thickness, and the polishing of the edges of the pointers is also very good. The shape of the pointer is also very close to the actual shape.

The font, boldness, and effect are all correct. The movement used is a Shanghai 3235 movement, the main difference between this movement and the original one is that the power reserve time is shorter, about 50 hours, compared to the original which is able to store power for 72 hours. The 42mm platinum yacht made by VS uses a Dongdong 3235 movement, which can store power for 70 hours. The power reserve of the two movements is almost the same as the original, so you can say that it will not stop even if you leave it for three days. This movement, besides not having a particularly long power reserve, is very stable and requires very few repairs.

Overall, this watch is very worth buying. What are the advantages of this watch over the current EW on the market? First of all, its calendar jumps quickly, jumping to 12 o'clock before that. EW jumps slowly. The color of the watch case is very important. The color difference of EW will be larger. This is certain. This color difference cannot be said to be consistent, but I think it can be ignored. It is not as obvious as that. At a glance, the color is not correct. It is like this. Basically, fading and discoloration may occur in three to five years, but in the short term, one to two years of normal wear and tear, if the wear is not serious,

This problem is almost impossible to occur.


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