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How to replicate the AP color series Royal Oak Offshore series QIMI version 15710 watch in the QIMI factory.

The 15703 produced by JF factory has achieved the version with active head grains, leading many customers to choose Audemars Piguet's watch. Everyone is discussing whether this model is good or that model is good, setting a standard for popularity. Other styles must also keep up, otherwise they will be discriminated against. The style most similar to 15703 is definitely 15710, the main difference between the two being a solid bottom and a transparent back.

So here it is - JF Factory V9 version of the Audemars Piguet 15710! JF Boutique AP 15710 colorful series Royal Oak offshore type series mechanical men's watch V9 version, back transparent 3120 movement is a revolutionary upgrade, double-sided sapphire mirror, rubber coated screw-locking crown, anti-magnetic device, 42mm*13.8mm. The highest cost-effective artifact! Perfect. The aperture adjustment function on the top left is used to adjust the internal shadow, and can only be adjusted counterclockwise.

On the right side, everyone should be able to know that it is used to adjust the time, just like the lock on the water ghost, first unlock and then wind up, adjust the calendar and adjust the time! 1. The correction head grain can move: the moving head grain brings the most intuitive benefits of both authenticity. After wearing it, a [small seam] appears between the head grain and the dial. This gap did not exist in the previous version, instead, a seamless fit is not genuine; because the head grain has a certain range of movement, it can fit the wrist better when worn.

Correcting the thickness of the watch: The thickness is closer to the original, no longer a heavy outer shell that looks fake at a glance; wearing it is more comfortable with a thinner profile. [All pleasure comes from thinness!]


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