How does BT factory compare to QIMI factory - BT factory introduction

When YD started building the website, the original intention was to introduce the market's original single watches to watch enthusiasts. The abbreviation for original single is YD. However, in the market, big factories and some well-known manufacturers are often more favored by watch enthusiasts. In the end, YDWATCH had to put aside the original singles and focus on recommending replica watches from major factories and some well-known manufacturers' watch styles! Of course, the original single market also has its good and bad points, and YD only recommends them after careful selection. After so many years in the market, the best original single watch YD has seen is a Cartier Blue Balloon, and this is not an exaggeration!

The most important thing is that this original watch is equipped with a genuine obsolete movement, which can be said to have no version from any replica factory that can compare with it! Of course, this kind of high-quality product is relatively rare, after all, it was when Cartier's movement was replaced, which allowed the old version of the movement to enter the market, and it is also rare to come by! Since N factory was shut down the previous year, the 4130 movement has been made public! C factory is the manufacturer that has accepted the most legacy from N factory, but still has not shown any improvement! Instead, they have turned to using the BT factory for Rolex Daytona movements.

Currently, in the market, there are factories such as N factory, Clean factory, and BT factory producing the highest replica version of the Rolex Daytona model 4130. The competition is fierce among them. N factory's 4130 Daytona was the first replica market to introduce the 4130 movement and has been monopolizing it since its launch in 2018, making the boss very profitable. In April 2021, production was halted due to an incident, but it resumed fully in 2022. As one of the oldest and most prestigious replica factories in the market, it has a good reputation worldwide.

The style of the Ditanah produced by N factory is very rich, not only including conventional Ditanah, but also carbon fiber Ditanah, carbon black Blaken modified Ditanah, and ceramic Ditanah. The workmanship in all aspects is also very good, worth everyone's purchase and appreciation. C factory (Clean Factory) released the 4130 Ditanah after the incident at N factory in 2021. After the incident at N factory last year, the 4130 Ditanah is no longer in production, with only a small amount of stock available for sale on the market. However, customer demand remains high, leading to a scarcity in supply. At that time, it was truly hard to come by, and for a period of time, there were even peers willing to pay a high price to buy back second-hand 4130 Ditanah, causing prices to soar.

It has always been natural for someone to come up with a solution, as n factory cannot produce and ship products, but other DanDong movement factories want to make money, they cannot just rely on one factory. Therefore, in the second half of 2021, c factory's 4130 DiTong movement began to be released for shipping. The c factory's 4130 DiTong movement is just as good as n factory's. The ceramic bezel from clean factory is well-known in the industry, and friends who have experienced the c factory's black green water ghost watch know this. Many major factories purchase their ceramic bezels. The pointers from buff factory are all equipped, with AR-coated 904L stainless steel bracelet from the same factory, and the craftsmanship of the case details is impressive, overall very decent.

What is the background of bt factory (Better factory)? In fact, bt factory is operated by the same owner as 3k factory, and some people in the market also call 3k factory 4130 Dittona. Friends who like the replica of the Parrotfish spiral watch should be very familiar with 3k factory. Their Parrotfish spiral is considered the best replica version in the replica market, competing with the Parrotfish spiral from ppf factory in this market. Therefore, the factory has very sufficient development experience, so there is no need to worry about the factory's strength.

When it comes to this, I want to tell my friends that there is no need to debate which factory is better. After N factory fell, the movement is no longer an advantage, which can be obtained by all major manufacturers, since the movement is no longer monopolized exclusively! It is mostly a matter of comparing the actual strength, and the best among them is BT factory. After N factory fell, the remaining two factories both use the same 4130 movement, and the resemblance in appearance is achieved through monetary investment, making it difficult to distinguish with the naked eye! However, C factory was the first to approach the owner of N factory, after all, nobody knew how N factory's 4130 movement came about initially, and N factory's confidentiality measures were quite effective!

C Factory also provided a lot of help to N Factory for the movement, while BT Factory spent money to develop the movement for higher restoration accuracy! Moreover, the funds of C Factory and BT Factory themselves have a large gap! Before 2022, when N Factory did not collapse, C Factory was already under great pressure in the market, while BT Factory, formerly 3K Factory, had a very good reputation in the market based on its excellent quality! After both factories obtained the 4130 movement, the quality of BT Factory was obviously superior to that of C Factory!

Here is a side note, after receiving N factory movements, many unscrupulous sellers are selling C factory products at a premium as the out-of-stock N factory versions. After all, many people only recognize N factory for the 4130 movement, and lack knowledge of other aspects, which has caused C factory to be somewhat disadvantaged. However, BP factory values this point and is willing to pay attention to the details. This has allowed BP factory to reach the peak of the market in Rolex Daytona replicas, interested watch enthusiasts may consider the BP factory replica version!

The introduction of this watch ends here. This watch does not have a single fake appearance. In fact, with the development of the market, fake watches are now very rare! Interested watch friends may consider adding YD's WeChat. YD's circle of friends occasionally posts some activities, and YD is very grateful to all the watch friends who can help YD obtain a WeChat friend position!


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