The Rolex Log-type "116233" 36mm bi-metal gold and silver dial nail replica watch from the QIMI factory, how is it?

The phrase "once and for all" has been circulating in the watch circle for many years! The replica watch recommended by the old store manager now is the Rolex Datejust replica watch from the AR factory! The AR factory's super masterpiece, the watch case and strap are made of super 904L steel, perfecting all the shortcomings and defects of replicas in the past ten years, and paired with genuine purchasing packaging materials, redefining the highest quality DATEJUST replica! The old store manager intends to introduce the Rolex Datejust replica watch from the AR factory that is most satisfying to the market!

This is an introduction to the AR Factory Rolex Log Type "116233" 36mm Gold and Silver Striped Nail Replica Watch! The AR Factory Rolex Log Type "116233" 36mm Gold and Silver Striped Nail Replica Watch is equipped with a brand-specific special tool to tighten the triangular groove bottom cover, sealing the case and providing excellent waterproof performance. The winding crown has a Rolex-patented twin-lock double waterproof system, firmly screwed onto the case. The sapphire crystal mirror is scratch-resistant.

At the 3 o'clock position, a small convex lens window is added for easy reading of the calendar with a dense bottom design, ensuring stable and accurate timekeeping! Dimensions: 36mm x 11.8mm Movement: Customized version of the super 3135 automatic mechanical movement Dial: Silver luminous bar dial Case: 904L stainless steel case, gold-plated bezel Material: Blue sapphire mirror Strap: 904L stainless steel material with five chain links Clasp: Folding clasp Case back: Bottom cover Bezel: 904L stainless steel material with gold-plated bezel Features of the AR factory Rolex 36 Log V3 upgraded version: Correcting the size of the calendar crystal point and font printing.

Upgraded bracelet with more refined internal and external polishing and the shape of the buckle head. It is more convenient to wear, the bracelet is re-polished without scratching the wrist. The watch case and bracelet are also made of super-imported 904L steel. Overall, the AR factory V3 version of the Rolex Datejust 36mm has become more perfect, with fewer flaws. For watch lovers, this is also good news, as it can bring better products to customers! AR factory Rolex Datejust model "116233" 36mm gold and silver surface nail re-engraved watch real shot picture.


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