How to distinguish the details of the Clqimi 3135 movement.

Hello everyone, a fellow watch enthusiast asked which version of the green water ghost 3135 movement is the best? There are many factories in the market that produce the water ghost, such as Factory C, Factory VS, Factory J, and so on, too numerous to mention. Let's take a closer look, the outer diameter of the green water ghost from Factory C is 40mm, and we measured the thickness to be 12.6mm. When the protective film is removed, the thickness is 12mm.

Around 5, the second point is that the height of its luminous bead is just right, not too high, and the shape of the luminous bead is also flat. In other versions, it is very protruding and pale, including the color which is also different. Factory C adopts a jade-like effect, remember this point. Another point is the bezel, which rotates smoothly and has a clear sound. Factory C specializes in making bezels for the Seiko water ghost. Previously, VS used a C bezel to make it closer to the original.

Currently, the C interface has been upgraded to a V5 version, which is also the best one currently available on the market. Literally, C Factory has made a solid central axis, which looks like a hat shape from the front view and is rectangular. The height of the raised part is just right, very three-dimensional, and consistent with the original design. Other solid central axes from other brands are basically flat, but the details of C Factory are very well done. This includes its hands, which are not some thin metal hands commonly seen in the market, but rather thick and solid. Therefore, the polishing craftsmanship is also very clear, including its luminous coating, which is done correctly. It is important to note that C Factory's watch strap is made of imported 904 stainless steel.

Including its polished surface and brushed craftsmanship are very good, looks bright white and clean, the flexibility is also good, a domestic 904 stainless steel does not appear as white, it will be slightly gray, let's open the inner buckle to take a look, the sandblasting inside the inner buckle is also well done, including opening the crown inside, it is all there, its latest code is 5HF, we must recognize this thing, including an extension inside, it is also very clean.

Regarding the movement, the entire series of watches from Factory C have been switched to using the in-house 3135 movement produced by the same manufacturer as VS. In terms of calibration, when we test by screwing out the crown and pulling it up, the sound is very crisp when winding it up. When we pull out to the first position and wind it up, the calendar jumps clockwise. Pulling out to the second position and winding it up also causes both the hour and minute hands to rotate clockwise, including the second hand stopping immediately. We then check to see if it exhibits the phenomenon of "ghosting", and upon observing the second hand jumping, we confirm that it does not exhibit "ghosting", which can only be achieved by a one-piece movement.

Alright, that will be the end of this sharing session. How do you feel about it? If you have any questions or don't understand anything, you can contact the information provided in the image. We will continue the discussion in the next issue, goodbye.


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