QIMI factory's Rolex Submariner V3 version, the Hulk and Blackwater Ghost - the strongest replica watches of the year.

N factory has always dominated the replica Rolex Submariner and Datejust series. Since last year, AR factory has begun to explore the Rolex series. The Datejust series and Yacht series have performed well, but the Submariner series has been mediocre. However, AR factory's replica technology team is derived from JF factory, and their technology and craftsmanship are top-notch. It's just that the development of the Submariner series is not as mature as N factory's. After half a year of continuous updates and adjustments, the V3 version of the green Submariner and black Submariner can be said to have made a qualitative leap. Compared to the V10 version Submariner released by N factory some time ago, the editor recommends AR factory's green Submariner and black Submariner.

Now let's explain in detail these two versions of the Submariner. The AR Factory V3 version of the green and black Submariner have both been upgraded in several areas. Firstly, the shell of the AR Factory black and green Submariner V3 version is superior to that of the N Factory V10 in terms of touch and feel. The polished areas and brushed parts are more natural, or in other words, more comfortable to hold.

Friends who have bought products from both AR factory and N factory will realize that the steel strap of AR factory is not easy to wear out, while the products from N factory tend to lose their luster within a few months. This is actually a matter of the quality of the material used in the case! AR factory uses genuine 904 stainless steel, not just for show! The black green water ghost V3 version from AR factory has been uniformly replaced with an integral outer ring, not just pieced together after processing, a unique technology in the market. Moreover, it will not oxidize or turn black even after prolonged wear, and the scale on the outer ring is closer to that of the original product.

This is much stronger than the V10 from Factory N. The water ghost from Factory N has only updated the outer ring and scales in this version. In the past, it would often turn black, oxidize, and lose its paint. That was a common occurrence! This touch of green and gold was photographed in very strong light, in the shade of trees under the sun by the river, so it appears much brighter overall on the dial.

The biggest difference between a genuine product and a replica lies in the color quality. The emerald green color of the genuine product is a shade that no factory has been able to replicate. This author has provided detailed explanations in previous articles, including the visual differences between the green color of genuine products. Readers can refer to the in-depth review of the Rolex Submariner by AR Factory V3. Looking at the calendar, the AR Factory V3 version of the Submariner has upgraded the calendar font printing process, ensuring that the thickness and font are consistent with the genuine product. The upgrade of the calendar can be distinguished through the comparison of the two images, which shows significant visual differences.

The author specifically took photos of the calendar and printed characters on the plate to create a three-dimensional effect. The size and craftsmanship of the "crown" on the head have been greatly improved once again. Upgraded the calendar font printing process to make it more three-dimensional and clear, whether it is the thickness or the font, it is consistent with the genuine product. Upgraded to a colorless double-sided anti-reflective sapphire mirror coating consistent with the genuine product, with no color appearing in the reflection. Upgraded to a super transparent blue coating on the magnifying glass, with a slight blue color consistent with the genuine product, showing a consistent black hole effect when reflecting. The exclusive luminous beads have been upgraded, presenting a slightly yellow color normally, consistent with the genuine product, not the fake pure white luminous beads found in the market. The shape and size of the "crown logo" on the buckle have been perfectly revised to be consistent with the genuine product, with a smooth and delicate polish, without any unevenness.

The gap between the counterfeit product and the authentic one is consistent and easy to open, without the feeling of being difficult to pull out. The bottom cover has a finer brushed texture, and the tooth pattern texture is more three-dimensional. In summary, many of AR factory's replica products are directly compared to N factory, from the submariner ghost to the ghost king Di Tongna. The first two versions of the submariner ghost are indeed not as good as N factory's, but the V3 version of the black and green submariner released by AR factory this time is indeed the best replica Rolex submariner watch currently available, it can be called the strongest of the year.


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