QIMI Factory's new code black water ghost 3135 movement detailed evaluation.

Hello everyone, today I bring you a "Black Water Ghost" from factory C. It's been a long time since I talked to you about this Black Water Ghost watch. The factory I received this time is still the top player in the whole network, the most authentic factory in Clean Factory. This is a new bubble packaging bag from C factory. C factory's packaging bags have always had a bit of a humorous twist to them. Without further ado, let's look at the details.

First of all, I will talk about the positioning of a night pearl that I have always emphasized before. Actually, there has been a slight change in the night pearl at factory C. What is the change? Previously, the night pearl at factory C, I have always described it as round and smooth, with a jade-like texture. But now, a night pearl at factory C has a new state, it is indeed round and full, as you can see.

Slightly yellow, but there is another state, slightly gray, which is a slightly gray texture, but this texture looks consistent with before, that is to say, the overall color, there is a slight feeling of gray, but this does not affect the overall feeling compared to before. It is not said to be worse than before, but it has been processed with a slight gray tone, which is also to be closer to the current new version of the water ghost. Then there is a ceramic bezel that can rotate unidirectionally at a 40 mm diameter, and the sound is still crisp and tight.

Next, let's take a look at the details of the hands. The polishing of the hour and minute hands is completely unnecessary to mention. As a former accessories manufacturer, the details of this accessory, such as the polishing details of the hands, do not require too much discussion. Just take a rough look, there is absolutely no problem. Then, the movement 3135. C factory has always used a 3135 movement from a manufacturer in Dandong. This movement has a synchronous structure with the original movement, and the repair rate is also very low. Let's also take a look at the buckle of the watch.

Currently, there is a code 5HF. Speaking of this code, Manufacturer C has actually not made any changes for a long time. It is estimated that they are tired of making changes and do not want to make any more changes. Indeed, compared to before, Manufacturer C was crazy about changing the codes, which made it difficult for us who sell watches. Some customers just remembered the previous code, and then Manufacturer C released the next code. When we sell it to customers, they ask us why it is different, and we have to explain it in detail.


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