How is the workmanship and quality of the BT factory Rolex Space Gray Di Replica watch?

The reputation of C factory itself is not good in the market. Before 2022, most of C factory watches were used to sell as N factory watches, especially after obtaining the 4130 movement, the thickness is synchronized with the authentic ones! At that time, N factory was out of stock due to bankruptcy, and the premium was particularly high. More unscrupulous businesses began to use C factory watches to replace N factory watches for premium sales. This also made C factory a little confused. It was not enough to have a low reputation in the past, but now this is happening! Of course, this also has its benefits for C factory, giving them a sense of lying flat! After all, the demand for N factory watches has shifted to C factory, so there is no need to start picking on details!

3K Factory saw this, and approached the manufacturer who originally produced the 4130 movement for N Factory for collaboration. They have excellent control over details, and the current BT Factory Space Gray Daytona version is loved by watch enthusiasts. The thickness has reached the same level, all functions can be realized, and it can be considered as a continuation of the classic of Daytona. For watch enthusiasts interested in Rolex Daytona, you may want to appreciate this BT Factory Rolex Space Gray Daytona replica watch together!

The workmanship and quality of the BT factory Rolex space gray Di replica watch are superb. When it comes to Rolex, there are countless topics to discuss, and watches that can reach the same level as the official store and require queuing to purchase are indeed very few. Since the panda Di has a new color scheme, this "space gray Di" has become extremely popular! The BT factory Rolex space gray Di replica watch is made of 904L stainless steel material for high fidelity. The case size is 40mm, and the thickness is 12.2mm, with a round and full side profile, and smooth and rounded lug curvature.

The grey dial is simple and elegant, with a more reserved style compared to the white dial's playful panda design. The dial is adorned with three-dimensional pointed hour markers, featuring a stick-shaped hand in the center and three small sub-dials. The sub-dial at 2-3 o'clock position is a 30-minute chronograph counter, the sub-dial at 9-10 o'clock position is a 12-hour chronograph counter, and the sub-dial at 6 o'clock position is the seconds indicator. Below the central hands, there is a prominent red "DAYTONA" English logo.

The concave on the ceramic is done very well, each number is filled so evenly, with no paint overflow, it is a bit more excellent compared to Factory C! It adopts a screw-in waterproof crown, with buttons on both sides to control the timing pointer, just unscrew it to use. The button at the 2 o'clock position is used to start or pause the timing pointer, while the button at the 4 o'clock position is used to reset the timing, remember to press the reset button only when the timing pointer is paused to avoid damaging the movement. The four corners of the case back have precious metal stamped symbols, and the teeth on the case back are also well done.

The movement is equipped with a Japanese custom-made 4130 multi-function chronograph movement, which ensures accurate and stable timekeeping. The position of the balance wheel has been overcome, making it thinner than previous movements! There is basically nothing to point out about the movement, as both factories C and BT use the same 4130 movement from factory N, and the stability is very good!


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