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Currently, the influence of Rolex from Factory C is very strong and well-known. Many watch enthusiasts come to purchase Rolex watches from Factory C, and the C's Sha Circle is one of them. This time, Factory C has also comprehensively upgraded the Greenwich series, upgrading the previous 3185 movement to the 3285 movement, completely phasing out the old movement models, corresponding to the latest official version. The new Daytona 3285 movement has a power reserve of 72 hours, exclusively adopted by Factory C. The movement is more stable, accurate in timekeeping, and has a relatively low repair rate.

The size of the C factory Greenwich Shaji circle completely matches the original watch with a diameter of 40 millimeters, and the material used is 904L stainless steel material coated with 18K rose gold to restore. The control of the appearance color is in place, and the restoration is very good. Since the original is a precious metal, many watch enthusiasts are worried that the C factory Rolex Shaji circle will fade, but the answer is no. A few years ago, the technology in the replica market was not mature, and the electroplating process was also relatively low, so it was common for replica watches to fade. Nowadays, with the development of technology, the degree of restoration of replica watches is getting higher and higher, and the electroplating process is also more advanced.

Currently, major factories such as VS Factory and C Factory use the most advanced electroplating technology, so there will be no fading of colors. However, with smaller factories, the electroplating may not be as good, leading to differences in color retention and durability. Although the Rolex ceramic bezel from C Factory does not fade, as time goes on, wearing and oxidation can still make the watch's shine gradually fade. Therefore, it is important to take care of the watch while wearing it, avoiding scratches and wear. Therefore, the ceramic bezel from C Factory will not fade and can be worn with confidence.

The mirror uses sapphire crystal glass, which has high transparency and is very wear-resistant. Of course, for sapphire mirrors, it is also the standard configuration for watches now, and the visual effect is very three-dimensional. The font is very clear, and the hands are perfectly polished. At the three o'clock position, the bubble-type calendar display is clear, making the date clear and easy to read, and the date is also very clear.

The date is clear at a glance, and what stands out is the rose gold GMT hand, which is also a special feature of the GMT series watches. The handling of details is also outstanding! The side curvature is perfect, and the chamfering is very delicate. There are shoulder guards on both sides of the crown, and the peripheral gears help increase the feel of winding the watch. The top is also engraved with the Rolex crown logo, finely carved and clearly visible, with a noticeable tactile sensation.

The watch still uses a screw-in crown design, with a triple lock triple waterproof system, which fully demonstrates its excellent waterproof performance. It is important to note that the crown of the watch is not original. The sides of the screw-in crown are designed with small bridges to better protect the crown. The top of the crown is engraved with the Rolex logo, maintaining the same three-dimensional appearance as the original. The workmanship of the case back is relatively simple, with a good polishing effect, and like the original, there is no engraving.

Currently, the movement is exclusively from Factory C, including the Greenwich series with features such as the Coke bezel. The stability of the movement is relatively strong, and it is synchronized with the original in terms of functionality. It can be adjusted according to the calendar, which is also due to the advantages of this movement. Factory C still uses the original watch opening mold method, and the power reserve of the 3285 movement has been greatly improved compared to before. Other factories had previously used the 3186 movement to modify the 3285 movement, rather than using a true integrated movement. In this aspect, Factory C has a clear advantage.

The latest upgrade of the Seiko 3285 movement by Factory C has achieved the ultimate level, and the bezel is also close to the original version. It can be said to be the only correct version on the market. It can be said that currently, Factory C's Rolex GMT Master II model is basically not surpassed by any other manufacturer.


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