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The Cleaqimi factory's Panda Di series has a fine and detailed evaluation of key points. How is the 4130 movement in the Panda Di series from the Cleaqimi factory?

Hello everyone, today I will talk to you about some details of the Ditanar ceiling by factory C. Currently, the Ditanar ceilings available on the market are only from factory C and factory BT. So there is no need to look at others. Although there are many types of ceilings, our mainstream options are C and BT. You don't need to pay too much attention to the others. Both of them have upgraded to the V2 version. As for those who say they have upgraded to the V3 version, let me tell you, the one that has upgraded to the V3 version is the spade's V2 version. It was already upgraded to the V2 version.

So there is no such thing as V3V2, what we currently have must be the latest version that has come out, it is impossible to have an old version, right? First of all, on this panel we can also see that it is a warm white color, and it is also a relatively pure white color. In the past, the only time was a cool white color, so there is no need to change this panel. Secondly, the font color here is red.

The color is also brighter and thicker. In the previous V1 version, it was relatively dim. You can see that the third point is to bring the head out here and tighten it. After tightening, its height will definitely not exceed 0. It must be clear, including the three small circular dots on the head tree, which have become a hanging arc, take a look at before it was a straight card style, to see if any changes have occurred, it must be clear, this is a more obvious change in all aspects. As for point 4, in terms of the pointer, it has been changed to a low-angle needle. In the past, when the pointer was not the same, the pointer was raised high, right? It means that the pointer was almost touching the glass, so it was raised high, right? It means that the second hand was almost touching the glass, so this time it was lowered. So, from the current perspective,

It's not a big problem, including the size of one of the three small circles being the same as one of the circles. Basically it's been achieved, and the pointers inside the three small circles will not exceed the outer circle, so this point has also been completely checked. Okay. Some of the track marks inside are also done very well. As you can see, we call the track marks race track marks. There is no problem with the track marks, and everything is going smoothly. As for the polarity, it is still our reliable 41307 from Dandong, with stability that needs no further mention. As for the thickness, it is also not too thick, but all of these are maintained at 12.

2. The mirror has already been sunk, with no major issues with the other components. When it comes to calibration, it should be done clockwise, this point must be remembered. If done in the opposite direction, it will definitely be a 7750. However, some small workshops may be able to adjust it clockwise as well. It may be difficult to distinguish, but it's okay. We can ask the merchant to loosen the bottom bar, check if the movement details are correct, including checking the internal coding, make a note of the internal coding, and then receive the watch.

Look at this movement, don't tighten it, right? Um, remember this code as well, including one for it. Remember the code for the buttons is 7CD, so when you go to check with your hands, basically you won't make a mistake, so no one can deceive you, right? It's just that we are not familiar with the mechanism, that's why it's easy to be fooled. So let's take the movement apart, and we will definitely be able to understand it.

Alright, overall, the appreciation of this property panel can be said to be fully equipped to the top. There is no need for any so-called modifications. Currently, uh, there are black pottery tiles and panda tiles available, as well as the ceiling. So, it can be said that it is the best ceiling, with no other major issues. Alright, this simple evaluation is shared here for this issue, we will talk again next time.


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