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Newly launched 4131 Di Tong Na multi-angle detailed evaluation by QIMI Factory.

Hello everyone, in today's review, we bring you a new 4131 Daytona from Clean Factory. So far, C Factory has made four color options: the Panda Daytona, Black Ceramic Daytona, Golden Daytona, and Grey Rubber Daytona. Other styles will be updated gradually in the future. Additionally, C Factory is also developing a second brand new product, which is the long-awaited new Day-Date calendar DD. Currently in development, it will be equipped with a brand new molded Dan Dong 3255 integrated movement. However, it may take some time before it is ready for shipment, so please be patient.

Due to recent severe production capacity shortages at factory C, including some of the new models with a 131 movement, as well as some Dan Dong 3285 Greenwich models, all of which are air watches, it takes a long time for orders to be fulfilled. This includes the new models, of which there is also a limited supply.

Let's talk about the new 4131 Di Tong Na from factory C, because of the new 4131 Di Tong Na, I have previously evaluated several factories, like I have filmed ZF before and also AR+, neither of them are good. ZF is completely inaccurate, whether it's the case or the dial, they are all completely inaccurate. AR+ has a problem with the movement, it uses a downgraded version of the movement, with unidirectional winding, every time you move it, it makes a loud noise, which is very low-quality. Also, it uses a simplified version of the movement, the price was initially so high, not highly recommended.

Factory C is the most dedicated and best one I have seen in making the new version of the Daytona watch. It is very well made, so today I bring it here to do a detailed evaluation and chat with everyone. The Rolex Daytona watch from Factory C is made of classic 904L stainless steel material, which undergoes fine electroplating process to present a gloss and texture similar to the original version. This material is not only sturdy and durable, but also has good corrosion resistance, making it not easy to fade even after long-term wear.

In terms of weight, due to the differences in material and craftsmanship between the replica watch and the original version, there will also be differences in weight. After actual measurement, the weight of this watch is about 109 grams, which is slightly lighter compared to the original version. However, this weight difference does not have a significant impact on comfort during daily wear. The Clean Factory Daytona uses high-quality sapphire crystal with high transparency, which can clearly show every detail on the dial. At the six o'clock position on the crystal, there is also an anti-counterfeiting logo, which is a major feature of Rolex watches.

In addition, the mirror has been specially treated to have good scratch resistance, even if it accidentally collides with hard objects in daily use, it is not easy to leave scratches. The dial is an important part of the watch and is also one of the key factors in demonstrating the quality of the watch. Clean Factory has put a lot of effort into making the dial, not only is the font clear and neatly arranged, but the colors are full and the contrast is high. At the same time, delicate texture design is also used on the dial, making the entire dial look more three-dimensional and layered. It is worth mentioning that the new dial has added a crown logo at the six o'clock position, which is also one of the symbols of the Rolex brand.

From a side view, it can be seen that the case of the Clean factory's Daytona has smooth lines and natural curves, demonstrating a high level of craftsmanship. At the same time, the design of the chronograph pushers on the right side is also very classic, with clear visible textures on the pushers, providing a comfortable and smooth operation. This design not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the watch, but also makes it convenient for the wearer to operate the chronograph. The back adopts a solid bottom design, and the screw-in case back enhances the watch's water resistance. Additionally, the case back is engraved with the Rolex brand logo and relevant information, showcasing the exquisite and rigorous nature of the brand.

This design not only protects the movement from external environmental influences, but also ensures that the wearer can use the watch with confidence in various occasions. The movement is the heart of the watch, and one of the key factors determining the quality of the watch. The Clean Factory Deetonar is equipped with the exclusive Shanghai 4131 movement, which performs well in terms of stability and accuracy. After long-term testing and usage verification, this movement can ensure that the watch maintains accurate timekeeping and stable performance in various environments. At the same time, the movement also has a longer power reserve capacity, allowing it to continue to operate normally even if not worn for a long time.

The watch strap is the part that directly contacts the wearer, so both comfort and durability are very important. Clean Factory Di Tong Na uses high-quality rubber straps, which have been upgraded to a trapezoidal design, which is more in line with ergonomic principles. This design not only enhances comfort, but also makes the watch visually more beautiful and fashionable. Similar to the Submariner, this configuration makes the strap easy to extend and retract! Additionally, rubber material also has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so even with long-term use, it is not easily damaged or aged.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II 4131 movement version, which is the same as the one worn by Louis Koo, excels in material, appearance, movement, and wearing experience. Both the exquisite workmanship and stable performance leave a deep impression on people.


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