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How much does it cost to buy a QIMI factory DiTong? How much is the price of a Cleaqimi factory 4130 movement?

So far, only Factory C has truly reached the ceiling level in terms of quality. Factories like Factory BT, APS, and KING are slightly cheaper than Factory C. Currently, only Factory C is able to achieve the authenticity of acquiring genuine products first before replicating them during the mold opening process, resulting in minimal color difference. This is something that other factories do not do much of. Of course, this also increases the cost. Currently, apart from custom versions, the factory version of Factory C's DITONGNA is the most expensive and most popular. So, how much is the price of Factory C's DITONGNA? Factory C's Rolex DITONGNA series currently has a wide range of models. In fact, prices will vary for different models of DITONGNA.

Although different models of Daytona movements are all based on the same 4130 movement from Dandong, there are some price differences due to factors such as craftsmanship difficulty and materials. For example, the classic style Panda model from C factory is priced at over 5000, while other special styles such as gold-plating, Mozambique diamonds, real diamonds, mother-of-pearl dials, etc. will increase the cost. The most expensive model from C factory Daytona can reach prices of seven to eight thousand. Therefore, for specific styles of C factory Daytona, it is important to consult specifically. With the guarantee of the version, the C factory Daytona series is definitely worth investing in.

Some people say that the replicas of products from factory C are sold for several thousand yuan, how can they be reproduced exactly the same? In fact, achieving a 100% perfect replica is basically impossible. The best replicas are very similar and close to perfection, but there will still be differences in some small details that cannot be avoided. This is due to various reasons, it is impossible to completely replicate the original product, and some materials are also made with substitutes. It is unrealistic to expect substitutes to achieve the same effect as the original product, as the price difference is quite significant.

Moreover, different manufacturers have different results in replicating different watch styles. Some replicas of certain styles can be almost perfect, while others may have more flaws due to technical and material issues. It mainly depends on whether the individual can accept them. Although the replicas from C factory of some brands are relatively perfect, it is still impossible to achieve perfection without flaws, identical to the original.

Therefore, when choosing the Rolex Daytona from Factory C, it is necessary to select a reliable merchant in order to ensure the authenticity and reliable after-sales service at a reasonable price. Of course, the Daytona from Factory C has never been a representative of cost-effectiveness. Those who seek cost-effectiveness should not consider the Daytona from Factory C. What Factory C does is cutting-edge and top-of-the-line, so the pricing is not as cost-effective as other factories' replicas. If you are pursuing the best version, it is recommended to choose the Rolex Daytona from Factory C.


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