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How is the craftsmanship of the panda Didi watch made by Cleaqimi?

At the beginning of 2021, there was an incident at the parts factory below n factory, which was caused by the 4130 movement. At that time, it was once considered as a discontinued model, and the market price soared. At the peak, even a second-hand Di Tongna could be sold for over 5000. Previously bought for over 4000, selling it after a year or two could still make a profit. During the craze, it reached over 9000, and it wasn't until the end of December 2021 that the news started to circulate that C Factory was also going to release their own version.

At this point, prices have started to drop, falling from over 9000 to between 4000 and 5000. There are people selling during this frenzy, but it is estimated that this crazy period will come to an end once production starts at factory C. Today, let's take a look at the Rolex Panda Daytona replica watch from Factory C, how is the workmanship of the highest configuration when it leaves the factory? For the material aspect of the clean Rolex Panda Daytona from Factory C, it also uses 904L stainless steel material. The overall polishing of the watch is also quite comfortable, which is comparable to Factory N. Although this manufacturer has also opened the mold for the Daytona for the first time, the overall details of the watch are still very good. For the mold of 904L, for this manufacturer, it also used some resources from AR Factory. Of course, in the current replica watch market, many parts are commonly used, especially for the matching of 904L material.

The overall weight of the watch has also reached 140 grams, which is achieved to the maximum extent in terms of restoration intensity! Another important detail is the various accessories of the watch, such as the bezel, dial, and hands, which are also key points of this manufacturer. Many watch enthusiasts in the past have used accessories from this manufacturer for modification.

The bezel, regardless of the depth and thickness of its engraving, including the fill color, is done very well, there is no doubt about it. As for the details of the bezel, there is no need to share too much. The scale of the watch is very three-dimensional. For the previous N factory, the details of the bezel are comparable to this one, and the details are also very well done!

For the right side of the crown, the workmanship details are also very good. The three crowns on the right side all function well, and the polishing of the crowns is also very good. In terms of functionality, they can also communicate with the chronograph. The top crown is for starting and stopping the timer, the bottom crown is the timer reset button, and the middle crown is the time crown, controlling the time. Additionally, due to the matching of the movement, the watch only has one gear when adjusting the time, eliminating the neutral gear. This is also a very outstanding detail of the 4130 movement!

The Clean Factory Rolex Panda Di Tongna wristwatch mirror is also equipped with a sapphire mirror. In the later wearing process, this mirror will not have too many scratches. Of course, the watch must be cherished during later use to avoid collisions. At the six o'clock position, there is also a hidden small crown. Of course, for this small crown, in the overall series of watches from Clean Factory, the crown will not be very clear, compared to watches from other factories, it is slightly dim, this is also a small detail that some watch enthusiasts have complained about!

In terms of the overall literal aspect, the Panda Dee is also a popular watch style. In terms of the literal colors, including the CD texture, including the proportions of the three small eyes, it is currently the best. The luminous filling of it can be seen very evenly, as well as a polished chamfer.

All are relatively upright, and the pointer is using this buff pointer, which is also a commonly used substitute needle in modification, so the three-dimensional sense of its pointer is also very good. In terms of overall literal aspects, the workmanship is also very excellent. In this respect, it is also comparable to N factory in terms of fine details!

At the same time, the watch is equipped with a screw-down case back, which is very three-dimensional in terms of workmanship. The case back also comes with a black waterproof ring to ensure the basic waterproof performance of the watch. In terms of the movement, it is equipped with a 4130 movement, which is currently the most powerful movement in the replica watch industry. It not only achieves the functions of the watch, but also reduces the thickness of the watch. The thickness of this C factory watch is about 12.3, and the details are also very well done!

In terms of the overall watch strap, this time C Factory completely borrowed from AR Factory's components. AR Factory is also a strong manufacturer in the replica watch market, and the overall craftsmanship of the watch series is also very well done. This time, C Factory also has a 7CD code, which is completely the same as the code of AR Factory. Even the engravings inside are done delicately, and the overall attention to detail is also very good!


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